Our Beer Selections

Subject to availability. We do our best to maintain as many delicious offerings as possible, but please understand that many breweries are quite small and limit offerings from time to time.

Draft By Glass/Growler

Bavik Super Wit

Bavik Super Wit pours a hazy-blonde to golden color. A firm white foam releases earthy aromas of ground coriander, dried flowers and fresh citrus peel. Pronounced notes of lemon and orange appear in the first sip of this medium-bodied Belgian Wit. ABV – 5%


Augustijn Blonde

Flavorful full-bodied, fruity, hoppy amber blonde. It is mild and malty with a slight touch of vanilla and a finish that is slightly bitter and smooth



Light bitter hops & a touch of malt. ABV – 5.2%


Gulden Draak 9000

Crisp pear and apple with slight alcohol finish. ABV – 10.7%


Monk’s Cafe Flemish Sour Ale

Medieval-style beer, slightly sour & sweet. ABV – 5%


Fruit Lambic

Flavors vary throughout the year. Currently Boon Framboise.



A brown abbey beer brewed with Munich malt from spring barley and English aroma hops. A hearty Belgian craft beer that re-ferments in the bottle. AVB – 7%


Chimay Cinq Cent

Smooth with a fine, bitter aftertaste (hoppy). ABV – 8%

Gueuze/ Lambics

Lindemans Framboise

Local barley, unmalted wheat, raspberry juice, aged hops and wild, airborne yeast. ABV – 2.5%


Lindemans Strawberry 8.45oz

Rosy hue, with a beautiful aroma of perfectly ripened strawberries. Shows complex, captivating flavors; delicate sweetness is balanced by traditional lambic tartness in the finish. ABV – 4.1%


Lindemans Peche 8.45oz

Peche offers a sparkling, crisp and refreshing balance of sweet orchard fruit woven together with lambic tartness & acidity. ABV – 2.5%


Lindemans Framboise 8.45oz

Local barley, unmalted wheat, raspberry juice, aged hops and wild, airborne yeast. ABV – 2.5%


De Troch Fraise (strawberry)

This strawberry infused beer will delight the senses while providing a refreshing and sweet taste. ABV – 3.5%


De Troch Kriek

For many decades, the brewers of the Senne valley have been brewing Lambic. The Kriek, a cherry beer with a Lambic base, was one of the first. The Lambic is an artisanal traditional product whicha ges on oak barrels. Kriek is a fresh and delicious beer for delightful moments. ABV -3.5%


De Troch Peche

The beverage testing institute recognized De Troch Peche Lambic with a Golden Medal. ABV – 3.5%


St. Louis Kriek Premium

This premium Kriek (cherry beer) was made from traditional gueuze lambiek. Sweet and very fruity. AVB-3.2%


Boon Oude Geuze VAT 92

Pleasantly full bodied, complex and has a few smoky and spicy touches that are from the oak cask, which used to be used by red wine makers in France’s Rhône Valley. ABT-8%


Lindemans Pomme

This lambic has a greenish-yellow color and an aroma that consists of fresh green apples with a hint of floral accents. ABV-3.5%


Lindemans Cuvee Rene

An authentic “Oude Geuze,” every batch blended by hand. Barley malt, wheat, hops,and yeast. ABV 5.2%


Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait

Old Style Kriek of exceptional excellence. 400 g of wild cherries per litre are fermented together with a strong Lambic of spontaneous fermentation and aged on 6,200 litre oak foudres (large wooden casks) for 5 to 6 months. Kriek Mariage Parfait is naturally clarified and referments in the bottle. It is unsweetened, unfiltered, unpasteurised.


Boon Framboise

Traditional Belgian Raspberry lambic fruit-beer. ABV 5%


Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze

100% spontaneously fermented lambic beer that is tart, earthy, and incredibly complex ABV – 6.5%


Boon Gueze

Aged lambic blended with young lambic. ABV – 8%


Boon Kriek

Traditional Belgian Cherry lambic fruit-beer. ABV 4-5%


Timmermans Strawberry

Strawberry fruit lambic sweetened with whole fruits. ABV- 4%


Timmermans Framboise

Raspberry fruit lambic sweetened with whole fruits. ABV- 4%

Specialty Ales

De Dolle Arabier

Honey sweet with citrus herbs. ABV – 8%


De Dolle Oerbier

Sweet with sour notes & a candy sugar finish. ABV – 9%

Deliriium Red

Deep red in color, notes of almond and sour cherries. ABV – 8.5%


Delirium Tremens

Malty triple with bitter tones. ABV – 8.5%

Flemish Primitive Wild Ale (Surly Bird)

Fruity & complex farmhouse character, earthy. ABV – 9%


King Mule IPA

A smooth and refreshing Belgian IPA with a light taste of tangerine. Brewed with the finest hops and according the ‘old school’ Belgian brewing method. King Mule has just the right amount of kick. AVB – 5.7%


Kriekenbier Cherry Lager

Artisanally brewed cherry beer combines our Belgian lager beer and fresh cherry juice. Krieken is an amazingly refreshing beer with a pleasant, fruity character. ABV – 4.5%



Slightly spicy ale with a bitter finish. ABV- 8.4%


La Chouffe Houblon IPA

Hoppy with a fruit & clove background. ABV – 9%


Petrus Aged Pale Ale

Tart with apple, mellow oak sweetness. ABV – 7.3%



Fruity & spicy with a low hop bitterness. ABV – 10.5%


Scotch Silly

Scotch de Silly stands out with sweet aromas of toffee, brown sugar, caramel and maple syrup with hints of hazelnuts. A beer with very little hop flavor. ABV-7.5%



Bitter hops with a fruity finish. ABV – 7.5%


St. Feuillien Grand Cru

Citrus & hop notes with a light malt fruit. ABV – 9.5%

Gluten Free

Green’s Discovery Amber Ale

Medium-bodied with subtle caramel and nut flavor nuances. Refined, herbal hop aroma and finish. ABV – 6.0%


Green’s Endeavour Dubbel Ale

In the classic dubbel fashion, a hint of dark-sugar and toffee flavor; and a traditional Belgian yeast bouquet. ABV – 7.0%


Green’s Quest Tripel Ale

Fairly light body for beer of this strength; spice and herb nose with flavors of candied fruit. Aromatic, long finish. ABV – 8.5%

Triple Ales

Val-Dieu Triple

Smooth, great mouth feel, slightly sweet. ABV – 9%


Triple Karmeliet

Fresh wheat, creamy oat & citrus. ABV – 8.4%


St. Bernardus Triple

Flowery, fruity taste, both sweet & sour. ABV – 8%


Bornem Triple

Hoppy, full flavor, sweet-bitter balance. ABV – 9%


St. Feuillien Tripel

Light flavors of caramel, citrus & spice. ABV – 8.5%


Petrus Gouden Tripel

Apple & pear notes with a touch of sour. ABV – 7.5%

Blond Ales

Petrus Blond

Light & sweet with a tart finish. ABV – 6.6%


La Chouffe

Golden blond unfiltered ale, fruity & spicy. ABV – 8%



Tastes of citrus & malts with strong hop finish. ABV – 8%



Crisp & bold ale, nice mix of malt & hops. ABV – 8.5%



Full-flavored, light bitterness & hint of spice. ABV – 6.6%


Omer Blonde

Mild, crisp & easy drinking. ABV – 8%


K-O Blond

Pure malt with a hoppy bite. ABV – 10%



Light yeast, malt backdrop, hop bitterness. ABV – 5.5%


De Ranke Guldenberg Tripel Blond

Hoppy, well balanced. ABV – 8.5%


De Ranke XX Bitter

Strong hoppiness, bitter, earthy yeast tones. ABV – 6%

La Divine Double Blond Ale

Sweet fruitiness with smooth malts. ABV – 7.5%

Brussels Calling

Only brewed on December 22 of each year, their anniversary. Subtleties of its flavour: yeast, hops, malt, bitter citrus zest and raisins, all leading to a pleasingly bitter finish- ABV 5%


Ename Triple

A heavy, predominantly blond beer, with a powerful taste of malt and hop bitters – ABV 8.5%

Brown/ Dubbel/ Stout/ Quad Ales

Leffe Bruin

Traditional abbey beer, dark malts, slightly sweet . ABV – 6.6%


Gulden Draak

Dark ale with flavors of coffee & chocolate. ABV- 10.5%


St. Bernardus Prior 8

Well carbonated with malt & dark fruit notes. ABV – 8%


St. Bernardus Abt 12

Dark abbey beer, a smooth, full-bodied taste. ABV – 10%


Delirium Nocturnum

Roasted malt & balanced bitterness. ABV- 8.5%


Bink Bruin

Starts malty & fruity, finishes hoppy & dry. ABV – 5.5%


Bornem Double

Dark brown ale, coffee with a hoppy finish. ABV – 8%


Moinette Brune

Dark fruits, dry with a touch of sweetness. ABV- 8.5%


Val-Dieu Grand Cru

Notes of chocolate, caramel & dark fruits. ABV – 10.5%


Petrus Cherry Chocolate Nitro Quad

Roasted malts, notes of coffee, chocolate, and cherry. ABV – 8.5%


Leffe Blond

Leffe Blond is an authentic blond abbey beer with a slight hint of bitterness to it – ABT 6.6%


De Dolle Stout

Chocolate, coffee, hazelnut & notes of licorice. ABV – 9%



Saison Dupont

Notes of pear & apple, with a light bitterness. ABV – 6.5%


Dupont Brewer’s Bridge

Belgian brewing techniques with American hops. ABV 6.1%

Trappist Ales

Achel Blonde

Soft yeasts & malts, hints of vanilla & fruit. ABV – 8%


Herkenrode Cister

The only beer from a female abbey, this blonde abbey beer is brewed with two-row malted summer barley and 100% Saaz-Saaz hops. Herkenrode Cister re-ferments in the bottle. ABV – 6.5%


Herkenrode Noctis

A brown abbey beer brewed with Munich malt from spring barley and English aroma hops. A hearty Belgian craft beer that re-ferments in the bottle. AVB – 7%


Herkenrode Vesper

A triple abbey beer that ferments a second time in the bottle. It distinguishes itself by its full taste and deep golden color. English hops add to the unique and unmistakable aroma of this robust abbey beer. ABV – 9%


Achel Bruin

Dark amber with toasted flavors with brown sugar. ABV-8%

Chimay Cinq Cent (White)

Smooth with a fine, bitter aftertaste (hoppy). ABV – 8%


Chimay Grand Reserve (Blue)

Powerful & complex. ABV – 9%


Chimay Premiere (Red)

Smooth apricot-like fruit notes. ABV – 7%


I Rate Saison

An unfiltered blond saison-style ale brewed with spelt and rye, and refermented in the bottle with 100% local Brussels Brettanomyces yeast. ABV-5.5%



Distinct taste of Orval yeast & spice. ABV – 6.9%


Rochefort 10

Strong plum & black currant, very complex. ABV – 11.3%


Rochefort 6

Tastes of yeasts, caramel, toffee & dark fruits. ABV – 7.5%


Rochefort 8

Fruity, balanced bitterness & dark fruits. ABV – 9.5%


Tre Fontane Triple

Honeyish, mildly herbal with a subtle Eucalyptus aftertaste. Mildly spicy and balanced by a stiff bitterness. Dry finish with residual malt, fruit, and hops. ABV – 8.5%


Westmalle Dubbel

Trappist double with a fine mix of malt & hops. ABV – 7%


Westmalle Tripel

Strong, dry, spicy & complex. ABV – 9.5%

Wheat/ Wit/ Pilsner

Blanche de Bruxelles

Blend of malt, wheat & orange rind. ABV – 4.5%


St. Bernadus Wit

Citrus & bready malts. ABV – 5.5%


Wittekerke Bottle

A very pleasant Belgian white beer, light in alcohol with a crisp and refreshing flavor. ABV-5%


Limburgse Witte True Original

This unparalleled Belgian wheat beer is brewed with local ingredients in accordance with long-held family tradition. Limburgse Witte True Original is unfiltered for remarkably vivid flavor. ABV – 5%


Limburgse Lemon Witt

Take the Limburgse Witte True Original, add lemon to it and you end up with brewing ingenuity resting on a foundation of traditional craftsmanship. ABV – 2.3%


Limburgse Rose Witt

Take the Limburgse Witte True Original, add raspberry to it and the result is a white beer steeped in tradition with a simply irresistible sweet side. ABV – 3.5%


Pax Pilsner

Crisp & clean with just a hint of malt. ABV – 5%


Stella Artois

Light pilsner-style lager. ABV – 5.2%


Hoegaarden Wit

Smooth & light, spiced citrus flavor. ABV – 4.9%



True Belgian Pilsner, brewed as it was in 1894, with water, barley malt, Saaz-Saaz aroma hops and yeast. ABT-5.2%

Sour / Red Ales

Duchesse de Bourgogne

Aged in oak resulting in a fruity character. ABV – 6%


Duchesse de Bourgogne Cherry

Aged in oak casks, using whole cherries. ABV – 6.8%


Cuvee de Jacobins Rouge

Vanilla, dried cherry, cocoa & sour. ABV- 5.5%


Ichtegem’s Grand Cru

Malty, dry, with a dark cherry tang. ABV – 6.5%


Petrus Rood Bruin

Secret blend of the aged and sour ‘mother beer’ with fresh brewed sweeter beer, this beer produces a sour-sweet balance, set off by the underlying bitterness of the hops.. ABV – 5.5%

Monk’s Cafe Flemish Ale

Medieval-style beer, slightly sour & sweet. ABV – 5%


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